Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vogue Knitting Back Issues

Spring/Summer 1984
Spring/Summer 1985
Fall/Winter 1985
Spring/Summer 1986
Fall/Winter 1987
Holiday 1987
Spring/Summer 1988
Fall/Winter 1988
Holiday 1988
Spring/Summer 1989
Fall 1990
Fall 1991
Fall 1993
Fall/Winter (kids special) 1993
Spring/Summer 1994
Fall 1994
Winter 1994
Spring/Summer 1995
Spring/Summer 1999
Special - kids 2001
Special - men 2002
Fall 2004
Winter Special 1990-91
Winter 1991-92
Winter 1998-99
Winter 1999-00


judy said...


I'm missing the pattern chart for a sweater from the Holiday '87 issue of Vogue Knitting. As usual I made a photocopy of the instuctions but neglected to copy the chart. Must have lost the original when I moved last summer. The sweater is called the Diamond-Stitch Pullover.

Please let me know what I can do to get a copy of the pattern chart.

Thank You!

Aphrodite said...

I'm actually trying to get a copy of the fall 1990 Vogue Knitting issue. Can you help me???

Aleksandra said...

How to get a copy of the Purl Ridges pullover #13 (by Sylvia Jorrin) from the 1988 Fall/Winter Issue?
I would appreciate any response!
Thanks in advance

wilnita said...
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wilnita said...

I would like to get my hands on a back issue
Vogue Holiday 1988 Issue
thank you