Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Introduction and library basics

Welcome to the OKC Metro Knitting Guild Library Blog! My name is Bethany Mickle, and I'm the librarian for the guild. Please feel free to email me at okcknitguild@hotmail.com or leave a comment if you have any questions or would like to reserve a book or magazine.

A few ground rules about the library:
1. How long may I keep a book or magazine? If you take a book out, please return it within two meetings (two months).

2. Who can check out materials? If you want to check out a book or magazine, your contact information must be on file with the Guild. We've lost several excellent knitting books and stitch dictionaries to people who haven't been seen in months. Also, some of the books and magazines in the library are out of print, so they would be very hard (and costly!) to replace.

3. I found a book with one pattern I like. Can I make a copy of that pattern? Ah, copyright issues! This site has very helpful information about what you can or cannot copy.

4. What books and magazines does the library have? So glad you asked! Take a look at our listings in the posts.

5. I have some books and patterns that I'm not using. Would the library be able to use them?
Absolutely! Just bring them to the next meeting.

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